2-Ingredient Fabric Softener Crystals

by Rachel Baker on June 26, 2014

2-Ingredient Fabric Softener Crystals

Henry Happened is a great DIY site. If you haven’t ventured there, I highly recommend it. Typically, I try to visit at least once a week.

This week’s find is for a natural fabric softener for those with hard water. I love this one because its super easy, and pretty inexpensive.

We have really hard water where we live, and it often leaves our clothes and towels feeling a little stiff and scratchy. I haven’t used traditional store-bought fabric softener for years because we are a house full of people with sensitive skin. The solution? Easy, all-natural DIY fabric softener crystals made from only two ingredients!

I’ve seen a lot of recipes that call for epsom salt. But I read that if you have hard water, the epsom salt will add more minerals and make it even harder.

The solution? Basic, everyday salt!

It’s what people put in their water softeners, right? So that’s what we’re using here. I’ve also seen softener recipes that combine baking soda and vinegar. But when you mix baking soda and vinegar together, you basically end up with club soda after the fizzing subsides. So, salt it is!

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2-Ingredient Fabric Softener Crystals

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