How to Clean Garbage Disposal

by Rachel Baker on March 10, 2014

I have a love/hate relationship with my garbage disposal. When I’m cleaning out the fridge, its my very best friend; but when I’m not, every night when I load the dishwasher, I can’t help but contemplate all the gunk (read: germs) that might be building up – and then I hate having it.

Really, the issue for me is that I don’t really know how to clean it. I was thrilled to figure out that with vinegar and lemons I can complete the task without being concerned about losing a finger. Here’s the post that changes my feelings about my garbage disposal.

One of my daily tasks when cleaning my kitchen is cleaning my garbage disposal as well. I can’t stand the idea of food sitting in there over a period of time or residue that creates odor. I used to buy citrus cleaning tablets that you would drop in and grind away. They worked fine but cost about $8.00 for 20. I have two sinks/disposals in my kitchen and used them daily

You can do the math…

One of my main staples when cleaning anything/anywhere is vinegar. I love it. So, when I chose to end my relationship with those little store-bought cleaning tablets, I decided to make my own:

You need lemons and vinegar. I buy vinegar in bulk from Costco. I get two of these jugs for a little over $3.00!

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