Naturally Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaners

by Rachel Baker on June 27, 2014

Here are five anti-bacterial bathroom cleaners from Henry Happens. They are completely natural, so, it would be fine to have the kids help – in fact, they may even have a good time…especially with the Toilet Volcano…(i know, right…? you just have to click the link to see what exactly that is, and if it will cost you a new toilet bowl)

Bathroom cleaning is inevitably the chore I put off the most (unloading the dishwasher is a close second). I mean, what fun is there to be had cleaning a toilet? But let me tell ya, I have found the magical toilet-cleaning answer that gets the kids to do the work for me.

After Lindsey’s spring cleaning post reminded me that my toilet brush was WAY overdue on cleaning I gave my bathroom a natural cleaning overhaul. Along with this simple all purpose cleaner here are the 5 things I use to make my bathroom naturally antibacterial, no harsh chemicals required. Plus it smells better than ever!

Here’s the Article:
5 Naturally Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaners

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