Rose and Chamomile Facial Scrub

by Rachel Baker on March 8, 2014

I very dutifully had a nightly beauty ritual as a teenager – wash my face with my neutrogena bar, then put toner on a cotton ball and run it over my face – if there was any dirt on the cotton ball, I’d repeat with the neutrogena bar and use toner again. When satisfied that my face was actually clean, I’d then add moisturizer – always swiping up so as not to destroy the elasticity of my skin before its time. Then I’d go to bed, but not before the 30 minutes it took to make sure my face and hair was going to shine the next morning. Often times, I’d swipe a bit of my mom’s oil of olay (lovingly calling it oil of old lady) to slather on my face and neck as I’d seen her do, because she was (is) beautiful, and well, I wanted to be, too; and, like many women my age, I loved the oil of olay smell on my mom’s face and neck. (Great marketing by Oil of Olay, if you ask me!)

Now, I’m closing in on 40, after a life of happys and sads, and joys and pains, and the decision not to truly invest in the required beauty rituals of the female sex. I no longer call it oil of old lady, and cringe when my young female friends do. I still believe there’s not enough time in the world to spend even one hour on beauty care, but…my skin would now be classified as “mature” and well, I’m beginning to think I really really don’t want to look like a hag twenty years from now. I have started to wonder if I should join the masses and pay tribute to the beauty gods by slathering my face with every type of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy and other acids on the market to smooth the hard earned laugh lines and creases on my face.

But then I found this post from Caroline at, and I say screw it! I will continue to shun the masses and live my
bohemian-not-gonna-put-shit-on-my-face-or-hair-that-isn’t-natural life I’ve lived almost my whole adult life. I will happily steam and scrub my face, embracing this ten minute, minimalistic natural routine to non-haggy-ness if it means I do not have to put chemicals on my face.

…and then, maybe I’ll just open up the jar of oil of olay, take a good long whiff, and think of my mom….

As a teenager I was religious about washing my face each night. Never (ever!) would I have considered going to bed without using my Neutrogena cleanser bar and then dutifully applying toner and copious amounts of Oil of Olay with SPF. I’m pretty sure I’m showing my age calling it ‘Oil of Olay.’ It was all my mom ever used, and I grew up loving that smell.

Fast forward a few years, and I now routinely commit the skin care sin of not washing my face at night. Terrible, right? I have a host of excuses: I didn’t even wear makeup today! It will just dry out my skin! Who needs to exfoliate? Then I made this rose and chamomile scrub with oats, honey and almond oil and am totally sold on using it every day.

Here’s the article and recipe:

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