Use This, Not That: Household Cleaners

by Rachel Baker on February 27, 2014

I am always trying to find ways to reduce my carbon footprint, as well as, the toxins I use around the house. In looking for new ways to do both, I found this really great montage of diy “use this, not that” products that can be made from more natural products than what you buy in the cleaning the aisle. I should also say these things are less expensive to make, cleaner for the environment and way more healthy for your family.

We’re always getting questions from readers about which cleaning products they should start making to replace their old commercial cleaners. Some of these readers are just beginning their natural, toxic-free journey, and don’t know where to jump in. Still others will write to us about how to make cleaners that smell and clean exactly like the ones they’re used to buying off store shelves.

Whatever the reason for these requests, we’re just thrilled there are increasing numbers of people working to get toxic commercial cleaners out of their homes! The increasing costs of cleaners, dangers to our health, and wasteful packaging were enough to motivate us to completely switch over to natural, homemade versions. If you’re still using commercial cleaners and are interested in learning about safer alternatives, we can give you some basic information and simple recipes to replace many of the things you’re currently using.

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