A Super Simple Reusable Sandwich Sack Tutorial

by Rachel Baker on March 23, 2014

These reusable sandwich sacks are super cool! It never occurred to me that one could make their own reusable sacks. Food safe materials for sewing had never crossed my mind as something that existed…and well, that shows how new I am to sewing I guess.

Anyway, if you are feeling like you want to be more environmentally friendly, or you want to have a ton of options to dress up lunch in, then this is the project for you!

At our house we try to use as little throw away stuff as possible. Our recycling bin fills up much faster than the trash can. A while back the city was talking about stopping trash every week and only coming every other week like they currently do with our recycling. Which would be fine with me, if the recycling would be picked up every week! So if anyone out there can make that happen at my house, I owe ya! Anyway…

For my son’s lunch I don’t think I’ve ever used disposable packaging in his lunch. My husband has been using those plastic baggies that I hate. He does recycle them a few times before they get thrown away. And he’s starting to move over to my boxes… I use a bunch of plastic boxes. Which sometimes make getting the kiddos lunch into his lunch box a big puzzle. So bags are my answer!

Read more on how to do this, here:

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