Cute Spring or Fall Poncho

by Rachel Baker on February 5, 2014

I think ponchos are pretty cool. I have thought about knitting one, but I where I live there’s only a few days where a heavier knitted poncho makes sense. However, there are days where throwing on a lightweight cotton poncho would help protect from sun and cool breeze.

I found this tutorial from katie at Punk Projects. It looks like she posted it back in 2011, and it looks like the comments are a must for verification of one of the sewing steps, but…I love it! and it looks like its pretty simple and would work up pretty quickly.

Also, check out the rest of the Punk Projects website, Katie’s got some pretty interesting stuff on it. She’s also participating in something called a Document Life Workshop. Her projects and inspirations are really cool. I’ve also provided the link to the Document Life Workshop site. If you have a teen crafter, s/he may be completely interested in this; though I’m thinking most age groups would be.

Sleep tight and rest your eyes on a love note with these simple sharpie scripted pillows. They are a pretty way to celebrate love, home and those special moments of rest we all treasure. The pillows are currently adorning our bed and make me smile every time I lay down. They are the type of little detail I get excited about, to make our home feel lived in and loved.

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Document Life Workshop

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