Old Paintings to Make Your Own Collage Painting

by Rachel Baker on August 10, 2014

When I was newly divorced, I found creating my own “art” to be incredibly cathartic. I would pick up old magazines and put together incredibly meaningful (to me) collages that I would use on my walls rather than figuring out how I was going to afford any other sort of wall hanging. I did not care that the art on my walls was odd and often times misunderstood by my closest girl friends and the few family members who came to visit. It was my brain, my thoughts and my heart all being pieced back together by way of tons of elmers glue and the magnificant work of magazine copy writers and their counterparts in the graphic design department.

It never, ever occurred to me that I could have gone to thrift shops, bought unwanted paintings and create collages with someone else’s landscapes, faces and objects. Truth be told, I’m not sure doing so would have been exactly what I needed to work through my challenges. But now…

I can totally think of some pretty awesome ideas using old abandoned paintings. It seems like I have a much better grasp on using different mediums as well. Not only would a paper collage work well, but with paints and markers and yarn and fabrics…one could create an incredibly cool work of art.

I will be on the look out for just the right one for the big wall in my living room. This is the perfect upcycling project, and it would be awesome for the kids to get involved and help create a piece of art that has meaning to the whole family!

Have you ever passed by your neighborhood Salvation Army store and seen an old painting? More times than you can remember, right? Strange faces or familiar landscapes staring at you abandoned, unwanted. Well, there is a way these paintings can be put to good use on your walls.You can create a collage with them.

Collage, a word derived from the French word “coller“, meaning to glue, brings to mind images of children tearing up magazines and sticking them on paper. Well, for some, collaging is serious business.

But you needn’t be thinking about galleries just yet. For now focus on only three things
1.How do you want to make a collage painting?
2.Where do you want to mount it?
3.How do you want to mount it?

A collage by definition can be made of various materials including clothing, magazine pages, or wallpaper. Start with deciding the basic design you want to build your collage around. This is where you make a decision whether you want to go with a simple, so to speak, two-dimensional collage, or introduce in it a three-dimensional element.

Use Those Old Paintings to Make Your Own Collage Painting

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