Prayer or Sentiment Flags

by Rachel Baker on October 5, 2014

I have heard of prayer blankets, but I’d never heard of a prayer flag. I found this site recently and thought I’d share. I also think it might be a wonderful thing to do with scrap fabric and extra buttons, fabric paints/markers and anything else you have leftover from craft project embellishments.

I don’t think you’d have to have any particular person in mind when you make one of these. I think one could very feasibly make one with an idea in mind – like ways we wish to better within our own selves. It would sort of be like spell-spinning or spell-weaving. If you try this project as anything other than a prayer flag, just remember to be nice, everything comes back threefold.

Check these out, everything about this project is incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait to get started on mine. I also think helping the kids make something like this would be really cool, as well.

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