Recycled Paper Making

by Rachel Baker on May 14, 2014

While I was taking a trip around the internet this morning, I ran across this post from Recyclart showing off Shera’s handmade cards and journals using recycled paper.

It got me thinking…what a wonderful gift recycled paper would be for those in my life that make beautiful handmade cards. And then, I started thinking, I wonder if I could make recycled paper out of their beautiful handmade cards I have been the recipient of.

I decided my stay-cation (what I call the time I spend looking at craft projects around the internet) today would be to find recycle paper tutorials that seem pretty easy to follow with slightly different variants.

The first tutorial I found was from the awesome women at The How To Make Recycled Paper is beautifully written and inspires me to make paper like I cook – thinking about the person I’m making it for and infusing it with as much love as possible. The post also inspires me to delve deeper into the FreePeople site in the future.

The second tutorial I found was over at Modern Mom. This tutorial says you can do this with children, but, I’m not so sure because of the extra steps involved with the iron at the end. I’d like to think the kids would love to do this with me, but I’m pretty sure they’d think I was nuts if I started ironing the newsprint, and in fairness, they wouldn’t want to wait around for a multi-day project to be complete either. While I’m not sure this is truly a project to involve the kids with, I do think the tutorial here was very detailed and clearly written, however, there were no pictures.

Over at, I found an interesting tutorial that included Seeds and food coloring; and I think this would be a project the kids would get behind. Meghan does a great job of giving alternative solutions to things like no sun, and no cookie cutter. Her writing is good and you can tell she had a good time doing this project with her daughter for homemade valentines. Her process is very easy and could be done at anytime, not just for valentines day.

So, there we go…today’s staycation was like a trip to some papermill company to see how paper was made, only without the nasty smell.

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