Rugs from Recycled T-Shirts

by Rachel Baker on July 31, 2014

I love this idea for upcycling tshirts. Next time I do a massive closet cleaning, I may take time to make balls of ‘tshirt yarn’ and then attempt to make a kitchen rug.

I have a fun book called Rags: Making a Little Something Out of Almost Nothing, written by sisters Linda and Stella Allison and published in 1979.

One of the best ideas in the book is making yarn out of old t-shirts. Here are the very simple instructions

I used the yarn from four t-shirts and a large t-shirt dress to knit this little rug. It’s a little worn, but has held up very well for several years.

Or, if you have a huge pile of t-shirts, you could make this groovy shag rug:

Rugs from Recycled T-Shirts

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