Stenciled Shopping Bag

by Rachel Baker on June 20, 2014

I have just recently discovered the awesomeness of Fabric Paints – I know, late-bloomer – so, when I saw this DIY I couldn’t resist. I love the idea of decorating plain canvas shopping totes to reflect my tastes and then using them around town rather than using all those plastic bags shops are so quickly pack your things in.

This would be a great project for the kids. And, it would be a great gift set.

Speaking of shopping, we recently ran these blank shopper totes. If you remember way back when, I did a Trader’s Joe’s Bag Challenge. I did this challenge to start recycling all of the bags from Trader Joe’s I had been collecting. When I saw the shoppers on sale, I grabbed 4 of them. I figured it was about time I got on board with the reusable bag clan and stop my Trader Joe’s bag collection!

The bags were cute the way the were, but since they were blank canvas they begged to be decorated! To make my bags bright and cheery, I used a stencil to paint a cross pattern on all of the bags. I went with punchy colors that screamed Summer!

I somehow misplaced my tutorial pictures (whoops!). So, here is a quick explanation of what I did:

Here’s the Article:
DIY Stenciled Shopper

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