Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

by Rachel Baker on May 28, 2014

Spring is here for most of the country, and with spring comes birds. Here is a wonderful project you can do with your young children to help them appreciate the beauty and wonder of spring.

Its incredibly easy, upcycles those pesky toilet paper rolls, and your little ones will enjoy watching the birds come to feed.

I remember being in Brownies and making these peanut butter bird feeders. I knew that I wanted the girls to have the same sweet experience, so I figured I would wait for the Spring to make these homemade bird feeders. What?? What until Spring? It dawned on me that it is bird feeding month and these poor creatures could use some food NOW!! So here is Audrey’s birdfeeder.

Spread on your peanut butter. I used organic, no sugar peanut butter.

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