Wands or Hair Accessories

by Rachel Baker on August 1, 2014

While these wands are really cool and look like it would be super easy to make additions to halloween costumes, these also look like with some modification they would make GREAT hair sticks. And if you are like me, and you have long enough hair to put up in a pony tail, you may want to just as easily twist it up and get it out of your face with a hair stick.

These have definitely made it up to the top ten of my crafting to-do list. This is a great way to use up any random beads left from other projects, and I think they’d make wonderful gift sets for the holidays.

The post below is for Harry Potter wands, and there are two links for tutorials embedded in the original post.

All you need are some chopsticks (or other wood for a base), glue gun and glue, a variety of brown and metallic paints, and in my case also some shiny acrylic sealer. (My paint had a matte finish and the sealer made it shiny. If you use glossy finish paints, then you can skip the sealer step.) You can also use tiny beads to add some texture, although in the end, our favorites were the ones without the beads.

It was surprisingly easy to use the glue. Especially for the handle part, I found it worked well to pile on a bunch of glue, then spin it slowly in my fingers until it was partially cool and then let it slowly drip toward the end of the wand slightly. It was fun trying things out for different shapes and swirls. With the craft paint I had, I found that 2 coats was about what I needed to get good coverage. I covered each with a double coat of brown. Then when it was completely dry, I went and painted the glue details either in another color of brown or with metallic gold or silver paint.

DIY Harry Potter Wands

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