Hanging bundt cake pan planters

by Rachel Baker on August 13, 2014

This idea is pretty awesome and I can see it as a great idea for a farm kitchen or a beautiful garden shed. I do like the idea of using the bundt pans for planting without hanging. They would look awesome on a baker’s rack with an herb garden.

Well you guys, the studio is finally coming together one little corner at a time! I’m super relieved since just last week it looked like it didn’t know what it wanted to be, and today it looks like minty happiness now that my new Smeg arrived (please see here for a quick vid accurately describing my feelings over it).

Clearly after kissing and hugging your new mini fridge, the next step is to decorate around it, which is exactly what I did with these DIY hanging bundt cake pan planters. I wanted to have something that was kitchen-esque to make it feel like a little mini lunch and snack station since the studio doesn’t actually have a kitchen area.

Of course you can use these anywhere and they don’t actually have to be hanging, but it’s a super inexpensive project to make and you can find amazing patterns and shapes of bundt cake pans at just about any flea market or thrift store…

DIY // Hanging bundt cake pan planters

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