Book Jar Candles

by Rachel Baker on June 23, 2014

These are fantastic and look pretty easy to make!

I love that all except the modge podge is recycling/upcycling. You could make themed sets and give them as gifts.

I think old recipes might be a neat idea to use as well. You’d probably want to put your recipes on a recipe card template and then print them out on parchment paper to get an aged look, but depending on the size of the jar, it might be really neat for a kitchen bar or island arrangement.

Here’s a quick DIY idea that you can use for either nesting your cute house, or use as centerpieces at your reception! Either way, these bookpage jars look so charming with a candle in them at night. They’re easy to make, and I can almost guarantee you already have everything to make them.

•old bookpages, drawings, maps, woodgrain contact paper, anything paper!
•mod-podge & a brush
•jars (make sure you can fit a candle inside them first) or hurricane glass

Step 1 – Rinse out your jars and remove labels. A good way to get labels off is to first fill the jars with hot water, let them soak a few minutes, and while the hot water is in the jar, just peel the label off. Brilliant.

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