Clocks made from upcycled vinyl records

by Rachel Baker on June 21, 2014

These are super cool. Seeing these record clocks inspires me to maybe consider making one of the home studio we have…just because…

I always get excited when a creative idea gives life to things that we tend to think as junk, or not have any use anymore and how we give them new life.
If you love music, you will be thrilled with these amazing clocks made from upcycled vinyls forming a decorative idea with retro references while being an original and affordable gift for your loved ones. And the cost is only 20 euros+shipping!
Depending on the topic, we can decorate any space style reflecting an aspect of your personality to give your personal touch.
For example, the clock with the car is perfect for both car enthusiasts and to decorate a boy’s nursery, the animal shape clock is a perfect idea for a kids room or animal lovers etc…

Here’s the Article:
Clocks made from upcycled vinyl records

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