Harem Pants

by Rachel Baker on May 25, 2014

Years ago, I asked my mom to make a few pair of lounge pants. I wanted them big and baggy and really really comfortable. This was part of my transition from corporate world to writer – and because I was “working at home” I wanted/needed a new type of wardrobe.

So, mom makes them, and seems to be pretty disappointed because they hung really low and the crotch was even lower. I think she hated them – I loved them! Over the years, they’ve worn out and gotten unwearable.

I have begun looking at making harem pants – because the crotch is low and they will be comfortable for sitting around reading and writing. I found a great tutorial with easy steps on how to make harem pants.

I will probably attempt to make a few pairs – but I also think that since my mom gave me the pattern for the original set of lounge pants, maybe I could use that as a template and then modify.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to use some of the new fabrics I was given. I think maybe Japanese Cotton would be a wonderful fabric for lounge pants/harem pants.

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