Old Suit: New Bag

by Rachel Baker on August 2, 2014

I LOVE, Love, love this idea! You can get suit coats at your favorite second hand store for pretty inexpensive…or you can raid your parents’ or friends’ closets for old coates they no longer use. This is an amazing way to upcycle, take care of the environment (by not adding to the landfills) and to make cool trendy bags that are unique and awesome!

Repurposing a suit coat is a fun way to create a one of a kind handbag. I chose to make a messenger bag as my laptop has been homeless for quite some time. If you are new to sewing, I suggest a tote bag. This is a much more straight forward design, yet has all the elements of the coat.

I saw the bag on the left on the Today Show a while ago. I think it is gorgeous, and thought it would be a perfect Sunday bag for all my “stuff”. As I tend to be cheap frugal , I filed it away under project to someday make.

There are many generous souls who have created tutorials for your use. Look around, you will be amazed. I would encourage you to chose a simple pattern, as too many design elements will detract from the suit coat.

Old Suit: New Bag – a tutorial

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