Solstice Lanterns

by Rachel Baker on May 19, 2014

Even though these are originally for a Winter Solstice celebration, I think they would work great for home decorations. I love the themed color palate, and I do think you could do the same sort of thing for a set of Summer Solstice lanterns.

As far as home decor, I think if you were to use a color palate that worked with the room you plan on setting these in, you’d be fine.

Today we are celebrating the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter and the darkest day of the year. We made watercolor Solstice candle lanterns (inspired by Garden Mama), one painted in hues to remind us of the night and wintertime and one painted to invoke thoughts of warm days and sunsets. Both are brightly burning in the center of our nature table today to cast some light on this shortest day of the year, reminding us that each coming new day will bring a bit more sunshine and daylight. We welcome all the fun and adventure that this Winter will bring, but I am already looking forward to those longer brighter days after these gloomy Winter storms pass.

Solstice Lanterns

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