Generation Button Bowl

by Rachel Baker on September 20, 2014

My mom has buttons that are from my grandmother’s and probably my great grandmother’s stash; and occasionally, she has made some cool samplers for her kids with these buttons. I have often thought maybe I’d make her proud by learning how to cross-stitch; and make something with her ‘grandmother’ stash, her personal stash, and my own stash of buttons for her.

…and then I remember how incredibly frustrating cross-stitch is to me.

Today, I ran across a bowl made of buttons that seems like something that would an amazing piece. I think glueing around a balloon should work; but I am not really sure what type of glue the artist used, and I’m not sure if it would be flimsy or actually functional for a side table near the front door or something. But I’m going to try it. If it works, then I’ll make a ‘generations button bowl’. I mean, my mom can’t be the only in the world who saves buttons from generations, can she?

Read More: knoop by iñigo cañedo from mexico.

Knoop is made from plastic buttons carefully glued together over a hemispheric mold to form a bowl. The translucency of the plastic causes beautiful light projections over the surface the bowl is, extending the personality of the bowl to its surroundings. Because of the nature of the materials needed to make the bowl (buttons mainly), a meticulous hand process is needed too construct one of them.

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