Grow Your Own Crystal Necklace

by Rachel Baker on August 7, 2014

These are the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and seriously, I just did a mental inventory of my cabinet of stuff to see if maybe I had some alum so I could start right away.

I think these would be an awesome project for kids because it combines science and crafts. In the spirit of back-to-school, I think this would be a great craft project that could be revisited during the school year as a great science-fair project.

Beyond that, I think this is a fantastic craft project and will be making some necklaces and maybe even some rings. Christmas is coming and the women in my immediate and extended family all like cool clunky original neclaces like this!

These pendents rock! (Te-he)

If you want to mix science with diy for beautiful results, read more below!

Today’s tutorial is the brainbaby, a word which here means “result of”, of inspiration and forgetfulness and a little bit of laziness! I read this post by Mariëlle at Magical Daydream, a truly magical blog, and was reminded of something I had loved to do as a child: Grow crystals! (shes so much better at it)

I fancied myself an amateur geologist and had/have a pretty nice rock collection to this day. The idea that I could make my own beautiful sediments appealed to me greatly. Unfortunately I don’t remember too many of the experiments going well as I was an awfully impatient child, I am a saint today compared to younger RaChil. I would always mess with the crystals every hour or so to see if they’d grown yet, and then finally get bored and give up.

It seemed like this project was going to go down a similar path, until I forgot about the crystals and left them alone long enough for them to grow!

Tutorial Tuesday: (Grow Your Own Crystal) Necklace

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