Hobo Bags – Patterns and Tutorials

by Rachel Baker on June 3, 2014

I love bags! And, more importantly, I love bags that I can fill chockfull of anything and everything my family might need on any given excursion. Its a family joke for the kids to try to come up with something that probably isn’t in my bag – more often than not, I have it or something similar enough in usage ability to qualify as “having it”. And even more of a point of secret awesomeness – they threw it in their themselves.

When I saw this site with 30 patterns and tutorials for hobo bags, I knew I had to post it. The site is fantastic because it gives a picture and the link to the pattern elsewhere on the internet.

I also think making bags are an excellent way to show off your hand-dyed fabrics and to upcycle old fabrics.

Go, Make Bags, and Be Merry!

Make Hobo Bags with this collection of over thirty patterns & tutorials for hobo-style handbags & totes collected from all over the web.

And in case you’re wondering, what typically defines a hobo bag is its large size, its curved, crescent shape, and its unstructured “slouchiness,” (resembling the “sack on a stick” that hobos were often portrayed as carrying).

If you plan to carry heavy items in your finished bag, consider adding a lining to the bag for extra strength. You may even want to add a layer of fusible interfacing to your fabric pieces to make your bag even more durable. But if you do this, just make sure to test the interfacing first on pieces of your bag fabric because the interfacing may make your fabric too stiff and interfere with the “slouchy” look you may be going for.

And if you think you’ll be laundering your finished bag, just remember to preshrink your fabric, especially if your fabric is a cotton or a cotton blend. (If you think you’ll only be spot-cleaning your finished bag, you can skip this step.) You may even want to launder your cotton fabric more than once because cotton doesn’t always shrink its maximum amount with the first washing.

And because hobo and other fabric bags often consist of simple shapes, they can be a great first project for a beginner who’s just learning how to sew.

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