Homemade Cornstarch Ornaments

by Rachel Baker on September 4, 2014

For the first time…EVER…I am considering holiday presents in September. I am hoping to be motivated enough to finish handmade gifts for everyone. Though I absolutely have only a few ideas for family member gifts, I thought starting from the outside of the gift might be the best way to go. So, these awesome homemade ornaments will probably make it to the wrapping part of the show.

These cornstarch ornaments look super easy and from an updated note, seem to be incredibly strong and long-lasting. I’m thinking this might be a neat project to use with small children as a teaching tool about the joy of homemade gift-giving.

Homemade Cornstarch Ornaments: Great for Painting & Better Than Salt Dough!.

So like many of you, I’ve seen several recipes for salt dough and corn starch ornaments floating around Pinterest. This is a craft I really wanted to try, because I have a preschool memory making a salt dough doggy. Since I have a nearly two year old son now, I thought it would be perfect to introduce this as a Christmas craft!

I borrowed the recipe from several different blogs as I could not find one single blog with the type of directions I like to read. Several were just too vague (ex. “when it starts to look like this, then do this”). I need to know times, amounts, and I definitely need descriptions! It’s helpful for a first timer, who may be getting the recipe from a seasoned ornament maker. The great part about this, is you can save any leftover dough & put it in your fridge. I have not yet attempted making little sculptures out of the dough. That may be a craft for next week.

Try to find some time during the month of December to make these ornaments. They are the perfect canvas for painting, and you will certainly have them for many years!

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