Ingenious DIY Christmas Trees

by Rachel Baker on December 6, 2014

I always struggle with where to put the Christmas Tree in the apartments we’ve lived in. For a long time, we didn’t put up a tree – because of travel and lack of kids on the holiday. But then, the girl made it very clear we were supposed to put up a tree and she liked to have one. So, we went out and bought a lush, full fake tree and up it went. This year we have lost space and I don’t really know where to put this tree at all.

I found the article below that shows many different unique ways to achieve the Holiday Tree without actually having space for one. I love this post and will probably be imploying a few of the ideas.

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Everyone loves Christmas trees, however, a tree can take up a lot of space! So what if you have limited space? What if you want 10 trees just because you are so exuberant ?! =)

Here’s a collection of jaw dropping and super inspiring ideas to make your Christmas “Trees” with unexpected things from oil funnels to tomato cages, reclaimed wood to pvc pipe. They can be made in many sizes and would fit in a variety of spaces! By the end you will be so happy to know that – Yes, one can have 10 Christmas trees even in a tiny apartment!

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