Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

by Rachel Baker on May 9, 2014

I’m not sure what will be on my Mother’s Day menu yet, but below are some amazing recipes that might make it on the list!

I don’t know why Mother’s Day always inspires thoughts of brunch, but it does. Probably because it’s the one meal of the day where you an legitimately get away with eating dessert for both breakfast and lunch. And we like that. If you want to cook up something special (or let’s be honest, most of us are Moms here and what we really want is for someone else to make us something special) then here’s some of my personal favorites. Email this link to your significant other, or leave subtle hints by randomly opening this page on every computer and mobile device in your home.

These Baked Egg Cups are perfectly adorable (not to mention fancy but easy), and they’d give you an excuse to buy those ramekins in the photo.

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