Simple Hostess Gift: Linen Apron

by Rachel Baker on December 22, 2013

The holidays are filled with lots of baking. For me, I make the bulk of my holiday gifts in the kitchen. I take the time spent making each treat to think about the person who will be receiving it. I think about their last year, and then hope for a wonderful upcoming year for them.

That said, every single year, I mess up at least one shirt because I don’t have an apron. Deciding to save my shirts this year, I ripped up an old table cloth last night and made myself a half apron. I just got my sewing machine a week or so ago, and I’m in the experimentation stage. This was a great project to take on, because it forced me to think about how to put pieces together so they were functional and strong. The whole project, having never done anything like this before, took me three hours.

Which got me thinking about the holidays and the couple of houses that I’m going to be visiting over the next week. These people are going to be spending ample time in their kitchens to accommodate me (and others). My mother always taught me I should always bring a little hostess gift to thank the host for all the time and effort put in to hosting me. I wondered if a really nice apron would be something that could be made quickly and easily.

I’m no where near close enough to coming up with a pattern myself, so I started checking out a few sites. There is a really easy pattern for a Linen Apron at, and it looks like I could make a couple of these before travel day.

First up is our lovely Simple Linen Apron. With handy adjustable neck ties and long waist ties, I designed it to fit anyone, and I made it with sturdy 100% linen, which lends both durability and timeless charm. The pocket is Robert Kaufman’s Double Cloth, a very special cotton fabric that has two distinctly different sides and adds just a hint of playfulness and color. And best of all, this apron takes about an hour to sew! What better way to celebrate the cooks in your life!

Read more about how to make this simple linen apron here:

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