Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks

by Rachel Baker on June 9, 2014

The 4th of July is just around the corner. You have just enough time to get the materials together and try to build this a few times before the holiday.

While there are thousands of forms fireworks, we focused on the aerial fireworks that make the big displays in the sky. Aerial fireworks have several components: a lifting charge to send it in the air, a container which holds the stars, charges, and fuses. The stars are what paint the sky with light and are made of various chemical compositions, shapes, and sizes. After some thought we settled on soda bottle rockets, like those found in Make Volume 05, to be our delivery device. The rockets have everything we need to deliver the LED stars into the night sky.

The container is the 2-liter soda bottle. The lifting charge is the compressed air and water. The LEDs are the stars and fuses. The charge that disperses the stars is usually black powder – it is what makes the big boom before the stars light. We are not using black powder so our charge is going to be gravity and the wind. What about the boom? If you have launched soda bottle rockets before you know that when they release they make a big boom on launch. We have all the elements of a successful firework: loud noise, pretty lights, and the element of surprise.

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Soda Bottle Rocket LED Fireworks

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