The “Spiderz” by Mister Zion

by Rachel Baker on August 17, 2014

I really enjoy browsing through the site recyclart; and every once in a while I find some project that makes me thing “why didn’t I think of that?!”

This is one of those projects. I love the idea of using burnt out lightbulbs for making creatures like spiders.

A riff on this upcycle project would be awesome for halloween decorations; and as long as you are careful, you could probably include the kids.

The Spiderz are made of burnt out and recycled light bulb and wire.
Spiders are born from Mister Zion’s desire to sublimate waste and revive them in another form. They do not have a name but a number. There is a large range of size and color. Find a part of the Spiderz collection and many other things at Mister Zion website!

The “Spiderz” by Mister Zion

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