Determining Yarn Yardage from an Unlabeled Skein

by Rachel Baker on January 7, 2014

This is time of year, I begin thinking about new projects I should do using only my stash bag – unfortunately, every year I think about it, and every year I, instead, just add to the bag. Inevitably, this means there are many different palettes of skeins without labels. I am not disciplined enough to put a little note with each skein and often am left wondering if I have enough for this project or that.

This year though, I made the decision to figure out what I actually have. Holly at Knitting Daily has been kind enough to help those of us that don’t keep our labels by posting a step by step way to figure this out.

It’s fairly common that once one has a SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy), some of the yarn in said stash loses its label in one form or another. As a good stash-knitter, I try to use yarns from my shelves whenever I can for various projects and I, too, have unlabeled yarn in my rather gargantuan collection.

Read more about how to determine Yard Yardage here:

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