Stash Afghans: The Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap User-Upper Afghan

by Rachel Baker on January 19, 2015

I have decided I’m going to make an afghan or two. I have wanted to before, but felt like I would get really bored, so besides the baby blanket I did for my niece, I haven’t done more than make an attempt.

I found this pattern for a “mindless knitting, tv watchig, scrap user-upper” afghan, and immediately thought “I can do this!” I think the random yarn pull will make it interesting enough to keep it going; and I think the fact that it will be a plethora of colors will make it exciting and constantly new. I may or may not change stitches and make patterns throughout, but at least the different yarn textures and colors will keep it going.

I’ve started with a grey acrylic…I can’t wait to see where it goes next…

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This afghan has a lot of nice features. It uses all the odds and ends of yarn we all accumulate after awhile. It only requires a knit stitch, and when finished it has no wrong side as you are knitting a tube like a circular sweater. Also, there is no need to darn in the yarn ends because they are all hidden inside. It is a soft, warm and cuddly afghan that is one of a kind each time you make it.

Afghans tend to become monotonous after about a foot is knitted and this one employs one trick that keeps you from running out of steam. First, you gather all your odds and ends and place them in a black garbage bag. No see-through ones allowed. The rule is: whatever color you reach in and grab, without looking, you MUST use. Believe it or not this produces a prettier afghan than
you might imagine, but more important, it keeps your interest. Why? When you are nearing the end of a color, you can’t wait to see what comes next. Really! It works and no cheating because I know these things

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