Campfire Cooking Station

by Rachel Baker on August 21, 2014

School starts soon (if it hasn’t already) and the weather is starting to get cooler, and camping weekends in some areas of the country are great ways to get away from it all.

I saw this awesome tutorial for a Campfire cooking station that I thought was worth sharing.

As summer winds down and our thoughts turn to fall, we can’t seem to let go of the idea of cooking over an open flame. Even when our grille is safely packed away in the coming months, we’ll still trudge outside with a thermos full of hot coffee and settle in for a night of fireside cooking. The only problem is that without a proper campfire cooking set up, you’re pretty limited in your culinary options beyond marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks. Lately, we’ve been dreaming of cooking cowboy style: baking bread in a Dutch oven or simmering a pot of hearty stew over an open flame. Cue this DIY Campfire Cooking Station. We love this DIY because it’s totally customizable for whatever you’re cooking–as long as it has handles, you can hang it from the s-hooks. Dinner just got more fun!

DIY Campfire Cooking Station

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