Glinda the Good Witch Wands

by Rachel Baker on May 8, 2014

Because really…which one of us didn’t want to grow up to be Glinda the Good Witch, just so we could have her dress, wand and tiara???

So I have always been a big fan of The Wizard of Oz. The Judy Garland movie was my mom’s favorite movie and I remember watching it with her for the first time (in fact, it’s the first movie I remember, like, sitting down and watching.) After that, I became obsessed with all things Oz. The books. Remember Return to Oz, with those freaky wheelers and Mombi, the witch that would switch heads? I was simultaneously terrified and fascinated by that movie. When I got older, I discovered Wicked (the musical, which I loved, and then the book which ended up being a little too disturbing for me.) Last year, I bought the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes for Glinda and Theodora (the wicked witch) from Oz the Great and Powerful. So when we were asked by Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return if we’d be interested in helping them celebrate the release of the movie (this Friday! Eeek!), that was definitely a yes.

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