Hatch Green Chile Stew

by Rachel Baker on September 12, 2014

Many, many moons ago, I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I will forever be grateful for my time there because it taught me (a florida girl) how to appreciate the fall season. Now, that said, in Albuquerque, the only trees whose leaves change color are the cotton woods that grow around the Rio Grande in the Coralles area – but you could see their warm rich colors from any place in the valley if you knew where to look.

At the end of September and the very beginning of October, there were always hot air balloons in the sky as people were getting ready to take part in the annual Balloon Fiesta; and the clear crisp air began to take on the wonderful smell of roasted hatch chile. Every few blocks there were roasters sitting outside of hardware stores or garden stores, amongst displays of hay and pumpkins on trailers. When you started smelling the chile and the cottonwoods started turning their wonderful burnt orangy-yellowish color, you knew it was time to bring out the sweaters and boots, because there were going to be cooler days and nights ahead.

One of the first awesomely quaint regional delicacies I had when I got to Albuquerque was Hatch Green Chile Stew. I never really ate a whole lot of pork before and a stew with pork seemed a bit odd to me…but damn it was the most amazing thing I’d ever experienced; particularly when paired with pinto or black beans.

I have a hankering for this stew, and went about looking for a recipe. The recipe below recipe was written out well with tips for sweating roasted peppers. This recipe calls for pork, but I am sure you could substitute for chicken. I would also add a side of sloppy cooked beans – either black or pinto; and of course some tortillas; or if you can’t do the tortillas then do rice of some kind. I think, you could probably use chicken broth rather than bouillon cube to decrease the sodium some. Using chicken rather than pork will decrease the fat pretty significantly.

Hatch Chili Pork Stew.

There is NOTHING like a Hatch Chili . . . and this dish gives it an opportunity to ‘shine’. For this classic we’re keeping it simple, using only the freshest of ingredients. Traditionally, green-chile pork is served like a stew, with a side of corn or flour tortillas, but it easily doubles as filling for burritos and enchiladas. To serve as left-overs, add some hominy to change the texture and taste!

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