Herbal Vanilla Latte

by Rachel Baker on December 8, 2014

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live in Florida; and it is almost never ever really Latte weather. and that sucks…because I want to wear fall clothes, winter scarves, mittens, hats and warm leggings with long sweaters. And…I want to do all this while sipping on my warm wonderful relaxation-inducing latte.

Below is a recipe for an herbal vanilla latte that looks a million times better than even “delish”. I’ve decided, I’m gonna go to the store, get the stuff I need, come home, turn down my a/c to really cold (ha, somewhere between 60 and 65…LOL) and make myself a wonderfully yummy Latte, and dream about where I’d need to live to get full function from a fireplace.

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Herbal teas are anti-inflammatory and most support digestion. The maca in this drink is what provides a boost of energy, enhances mood, supports strength and endurance, balances hormones and helps us cope with stress.

You can make this latte with any nut milk of choice, but I chose hemp seeds to add some complete protein and healthy fats to the drink.

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