Ways to make the Most out of your Kale

by Rachel Baker on April 21, 2014

We eat a lot of kale in my household. Most of the time, we add it to a one-pot/one-bowl meal based on ground turkey, keilbasa and a mixture of veggies and beans. If I’m making soup, I will almost always add it to soup, each leaf rolled and julianned, for a green addition with brussel sprouts, chopped and quartered.

Unlike when I use Swiss Chard, I typically discard the stems. I actually didn’t realize they could be used, because they seem to be very fibrous. When I use Chard, I typically saute the chopped red stems with my Mirepoix (which I use as the base of just about all my cooking). Now, I suspect, instead of throwing away the stems, I should be able to upcycle my kale stems and use them to make something wonderful!

Below is a link to food52.com with three ways to use kale stems. One of these ways I’ve never ever thought of before – pickling kale stems. We sometimes pickle peppers (I know, insert joke here), but I’d never thought about stems of other veggies. One thing to remember, when using kale (and probably important if you pickle the stems), my understanding is that if you have any sort of thyroid issue, raw kale should not be consumed. Apparently, eaten raw, kale can throw your thyroid for a loop, so, if you have a thyroid condition…cook your kale.

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