Whipped Creamy Soap with No Lye

by Rachel Baker on January 2, 2014

I’m not gonna lie, Lye scares me (ha! see what I did there?), so making soap is something that I’ve shied away from. Over the holidays, I went to a Crabtree and Evelyn, and found some great “flavors” I am sure I could create if I were able to make soap.

So, in a quest for the easiest way to use lye, I found a recipe for lye-less soap. Now, I’m not completely sure this constitutes as “making my own soap,” because the recipe calls for using bars of already made soap – but… it does qualify as “making my own whipped soap”. So, there’s that.

I finally have a recipe for cream soap (bath whip) that only requires four ingredients! Three days lots of lard, oil and shortening before I got this recipe and it’s vegan friendly. I wanted to make a cream soap recipe with ingredients that could be purchased at your local store. This recipe is for all you who wanted to make cream soap and not half to buy lye!!! Every youtube video I have watched requires you to use lye for whip soap! I am not a professional soap maker so no need for lye! No lye in whip soap is a reality and it all started with this cheap homemade body wash that I made. Once the weather cooled down this stuff decided to thicken up (which is what you want your cream soap to do).

Read more about how to make this creamy no lye soap here:

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