Bluejean Skirt Tutorial

by Rachel Baker on August 12, 2014

I have begun wearing longer skirts more and more; and lately, I’ve been looking at some of my extra fabrics and old jeans that have holes in precarious places and wondering how exactly I could put the two together to create new and interesting skirts.

This site shows an interesting idea and tutorial of one of the styles I’ve been thinking about. The writing on this site is hilariously honest and I will definitely be spending more time browsing through the site in the future.

I had this thought…as many of us creative types do. You know how these thoughts begin, they might come to you in the middle of the night, you might have enough forethought to wake up and write it down or you may have enough memory to recall your sleep induced epiphanies. I do remember, but I did write it down and then I begin to chew on this idea, I will frequently tuck it away in the back of my mind and let in resurface once and awhile. I feel this is my way a preparing myself for the intended project. I have to mull it over and over until one day it drives me to the brink of insanity and I pull everything together right as I am about to tackle another major event.

Let me try to explain my self imploding psychology…

I work best under pressure!

that’s it in a nutshell…ugly as it is, it works every time.

My idea this time was to make my wonderful pair of blue jeans into a skirt. Nothing new here…it’s been done over and over again. Seen it a million times…but mine…oh mine was going to be better. Yes my idea was growing and beginning to take form, I just had to work out the little details; like the dis assembly of the seams.

It was destructive and that my friends if one of my favorite activities. Taking something apart. Anything. But this time it was my blue jeans.

Forever in Blue Jeans! bluejean skirt tutorial

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