Dress Making at its best

by Rachel Baker on July 22, 2014

I love the dress here at lookslikespiltmilk. I have to say, I can also completely relate to Jessica’s experience. I am dying to make a dress. I have made a few shirts, a couple of skirts, and I sort of really want to make a cute little dress that I can wear casually out and about.

I think the one she’s made here is something I could do and feel proud of.

With more experience and confidence, I decided to try again- myself! This time I ditched the pattern packet and instead, followed a tutorial I found online at one of the blogs I follow called Sweet Verbena. It’s originally a shirt, but can be made into a dress if cut longer. You can see and follow the tutorial here.

This project was many ‘firsts’ for me, therefore it was a little more challenging than I thought. In the post it says this is a great first sewing project for beginners… Great! I thought ‘this should be so easy’. Haha. In hindsight, I guess it was pretty easy, but during the process I definitely thought it was difficult.

i wish i was a dressmaker

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