Harem Pants Pattern

by Rachel Baker on August 15, 2014

This is a pretty good tutorial for making harem pants. I assume there are probably some more updated tutorials (this one is from 2011), but that’s okay…I think this one will work for me.

I love the upcycling of old sweats and grandma’s vintage fabric the author does with this project. The site doesn’t really look all that active anymore, but if you dig around, you can see there are some other adjoining sites (by the same author) that have interesting life stuff for her posts – she appears to be a college student who has volunteered in third world country orphanages, who likes to knit and read – very interesting young woman if you ask me. .

it all started some time ago when I bought my first pair of harem pants on Etsy. I love them and wear then often. for example last monday morning when I pulled them on over my PJs and went to school (it was cold outside and I enjoyed secretly wearing my PJs all day – I’m lazy like that..)

then grandma gave me the best selection of adorable vintage fabrics … and I made up this pattern – inspired by my old harem pants…

first step is cutting off the top part of some old sweatpants (this is optional – you can sew it all in fabric, but this is more comfy and also simpler)

harem pants pattern

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