How to make a t-shirt into a skirt

by Rachel Baker on April 27, 2014

Lately, I’ve been thinking light, comfortable skirts might be in order for this summer. I haven’t actually worn skirts in…well, years; but for some reason, I am seriously contemplating add them to the wardrobe. But, truly, light, comfortable, no fuss – that’s the requirement.

And I think this may be the perfect starting point for me.

so i started with this tutorial from “sew like my mom”…but quickly decided that 1) shirring is of the devil and 2) i wanted a less fuss waist…so i made my own tutorial for making a mens t-shirt into the worlds most comfortable skirt ever. perfect for summer. this skirt makes me wish i knew how to sew before i had babies because this would be THE most perfect pregnant skirt as well…i’ll be making a few more to get me through the hot, hot days of summer…

all you need to make this is a mens t-shirt. i bought a size XL…i usually buy a medium skirt or size six shorts if that will help you figure out if you need to buy bigger or smaller…the tutorial i linked to suggests going goodwill to buy mens shirt on the cheap but if i’m honest with you…the thought of making a skirt out of a used mens shirt…gives me the creepers…unless its doug’s. but…if you have less mental issues than me…by all means hit up the goodwill. i got the bike shirt from doug’s discard pile and some shirts from target for $8 and $6…which is still a good price for a skirt.

Read more on how to do this, here:

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