Infinity Scarf Tutorial

by Rachel Baker on March 25, 2014

Infinity Scarves are all the rage these days. I can’t wear them well, but damn do I want to learn how to make them for the women I know who can.

I was so happy to see this tutorial on – because I think I have just the perfect fabric to finally try it.

For this scarf, you’ll need two yards of Spoonflower’s new modern jersey. You can make two scarves with this yardage, but note that you cannot make one scarf out of one yard. You need to make full use of the length that two yards gives you, to make a scarf. You’ll also need to work on a large table or even a hard floor so that you’re able to fully lay the fabric out. You don’t want the fabric to hang over the edges of a small, narrow work surface, as the weight of the overhanging fabric could pull the rest of the fabric down and you won’t be able to cut straight lines.

Lay your two yards of jersey on your work surface folded in half with the wrong sides facing (I used Linen diamonds by Mrshervi). The fold will be along the imaginary 1 yard line, so you have one yard of fabric laying on top of the other.

Read more on how to do this, here:

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