Lighter Than Air Peasant Top

by Rachel Baker on May 3, 2014

I really love this idea. I, too, live in a place that is pretty warm for most of the year. When I had to get up and go to the office ever day, I would struggle with how warm my outfit was going to be as the day went on. No matter where I’ve worked, cool in the morning, never meant cool in the afternoon.

At the time, I didn’t have a sewing machine…but now I do, and even though I don’t trudge to the office every day, I still need to have ‘better than just a t-shirt’ clothes for when I’m out and about.

It’s still really warm here. It is, after all, early August in North Carolina, and I’m not complaining; if I wanted cool weather, I’d live in a different part of the country. But my mind has been wandering more frequently to the quickly-approaching end of summer, when I’ll go back to school and will have to wear more subdued, school-appropriate clothing, and fewer strappy dresses and summery frocks. Determined, however, that “professional” doesn’t have to mean “boring,” I wanted to come up with something that I could wear now (when it’s hot and I’m more casual) and then (when it’s cooler and I have to look more..with-it). So I came up with The Lighter Than Air Peasant Top.

It’s made from an upcycled t-shirt, so it’s cheap, eco-friendly, and comfortable. Plus, the options are endless, which means you can make it all yours. Here’s how you do it!

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