Reconstructed Men’s Shirt to Button-down Tank Top

by Rachel Baker on April 29, 2014

So, these are too cute! I’m dying to make one, and I may actually just start cutting fabric and designing my own without the button-down bit in the front. That said, I do love the idea of upcycling the man’s shirt to make awesome creative shirts for the woman.

Last summer I underwent major surgery on my torso which resulted in a prolonged period of the inability to lift my arms. This, combined with the warm weather, made wardrobe prep very important! I was told I needed button-down shirts or things I didn’t need to lift my arms up to put on. Alas, I found availability in stores for anything remotely cute and season concious lacking..

This led me to create a simple design which converted second hand men’s button-down dress shirts into cute tanktops that could be worn in more than one way. I kept it simple in the hopes that someone going through any type of surgery on their torso or mid-section who knew sewing basics would be able to use this tutorial to create their own version 🙂 Or someone who wants to make something sustainable and girly!

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