Un-Paper Towels

by Rachel Baker on February 10, 2015

We use a lot of paper towels in our household. And while I try to think twice before I use them, I can’t seem to figure out a way to decrease our usage. Until now.

I ran across an idea for unpaper towels. They are crazy inexpensive and they take no time to make up. A pack of six Flour Sack Towels will yield 24 towels. For the cost and the amount, this is a great solution.

I’m not sure they are perfect for absolutely everything, but I think they will cut down on the costs and amount of paper towels we use.

Here’s the Inspiring Link/Article: Unpaper Towels

Paper products are one of the number one “wasted money” items we purchase. **Fear not, I do not suggest you rethink toilet paper – though some do.** Think about how much a roll of paper towels costs. It may not seem like much, but now think about how many you use in the course of the day. Do you try to save a few buck by buying the cheap or store brand paper towels? Do you use quite a bit more because they don’t clean up as well?

For just a couple bucks you can make 30 unpaper towels. And the best part? It requires no fancy sewing machine and it takes almost no time at all. I just did another set of 30 in the time it took Whistler to watch “the pony movie” (Spirit).

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