ZIPPERS + a free simple skirt pattern

by Rachel Baker on April 18, 2014

I just found this great site called See Kate Sew. I followed a link that got me to her free simple skirt pattern and well, I found so much great information that I had to share!

Below, at the link she not only gives us a free pattern for an A line skirt, but she also tells us about the free zipper class offered by Craftsy.

With the recent release of my Zippy Top (pictured and tucked in), you may have noticed that I love zippers! I think they can be really cute and are really functional. I also just like the word ‘zipper’. I always tell a beginner zipper-installer to start with zipper pouches, because they are a really easy project that yields great results and will (hopefully) make you a little less scared of the zipper. I’m hoping this (simple but useful!) project will do the same! A simple project that you can wear can be a great confidence builder!

Read more on how to do this, here:

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