How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System

by Rachel Baker on January 27, 2014

I have a wonderful kitchen – its updated with new appliance that are as energy efficient as possible. There’s enough counter space to prepare food right next to the stove, without having to pull your ingredients out one at a time, and there’s a lot of space to move around and even have several people looming about. BUT…there’s not enough storage space. The cabinets are a bit too high for the average person to use on a regular basis (The top shelf is at least 8 feet high off the ground) and there’s a whole unused wall, and even with my four person table, the wall is wasted space.

I’ve been thinking about adding shelving, but wasn’t really sure what I wanted, and more importantly, how to do so in a rental. This awesome pegboard shelving system, though, may be exactly what I’m looking for.

It takes a bit of work and ability to access and use some tools, but its an amazing idea and one that I think I may just use to increase the space in my kitchen, without causing too many holes in the actual wall!

As DIY projects go, this is one of my favorites. A photo of one popped up here on Apartment Therapy last year, and it’s been in my crosshairs ever since. I love this shelving system because it’s simple, yet pretty, and can be configured in multiple ways. It’s also very easy to make, with a little precision and patience. Here’s how:

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