How to Make Notebooks with Food Packaging and Old Paper

by Rachel Baker on April 16, 2014

Other than the residual scent of the finished product, I think this is a great idea for making notebooks and for upcycling and recycling paper bags and what nots.

Are you longing for a notebook that, each time you reach for it, exudes a lovely whiff of chocolate in your direction? OK, maybe a notebook like this isn’t up as high on your “wants” list as, say, an iPad. But it sounds pretty cool, right?

And it can be yours rather quickly: you can make your own notebooks at home using your favorite recycled food labels and boxes like a Clif Bar box, coffee bag, or my favorite, a drug-store chocolate wrapper.

(Note: the scent of a coffee bag is the strongest with the chocolate bar wrapper closely behind; the Clif Bar boxes don’t have a scent.)

This idea comes from the super fun book Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin (and Kenny, who checked the book out of the library). They have tons of ideas in here, including a cassette tape notebook (finally, a use for those old cassettes!) and cereal box organizer system.

Read more on how to do this, here:

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