Natural Turmeric-Dyed Tablecloth

by Rachel Baker on April 3, 2014

Lately, I have been experimenting with hand-dyed fabrics using spices like cinnamon and tumeric. I really like this post below because Dalilah explains the process very well in the tutorial. I also like the way she’s told us a little bit about tumeric and the different things its used to dye.

I’ve not really seen this process before. She does this in a two pot process. Usually, I let my fabric sit in vinager overnight, then rinse it and the pot. After that I boil my spice and water mixture. After it boils, I put in my fabric and let it sit for hours.

I will be trying Dalilah’s method and definitely the way she folded the fabric, the next time I’m itching to dye project fabric. I think this project would be really cool with matching napkins.

•Natural fabric (cotton, linen, silk, or wool), unhemmed or hemmed and sized to cover your table (My fabric measured 4.5 by 3 feet; if you use something a lot bigger, increase the ingredient amounts or expect more subtle results.) N.B.: Pillowcases also work well for this project.
•1/4 cup turmeric
•4 cups of vinegar
•Rubber bands or string to secure folded fabric

Start by folding your fabric (or, if you want a solid coloring, jump to Step 4 and dye the fabric unfolded). Your folding pattern can be as random or as methodical as you like. I chose to do a loose interpretation of a shibori fold, which is primarily used in the process of Japanese indigo dying. See our post on Terrain’s Shibori Dyed Indigo for some examples. I picked this method because I like the square pattern that results.

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