Vintage Cabinet from Shabby to Chic

by Rachel Baker on July 23, 2014

One day, I want to have enough space to be able to refurb pieces like this. I love the possibilities of taking vintage and re-making them. I do not want to make them modern, just clean them up and give them new life with a new “job”.

I love the idea of taking the vintage cabinet in the pictures and giving them a new function – like a cool mini-book shelf, or mini-bar, or even extra mini-pantry space for a kitchen with few storage areas.

One thing that really bothers me is when someone takes a Mid Century style piece of furniture and applies a shabby chic paint finish to it. Modern + shabby do not mix! This vintage cabinet was one of those disasters, lightly brushed with a weird green, the door had been removed on the right side and the notches for the hinges were left behind. Ugly white hooks were added to the side for functionality and that green paint had dripped down onto the legs ruining the brass finish. The only cool thing this cabinet had going for it was the drawer, the inside was crafted really well with an area to hold pens or utensils.

Before and After | Vintage Cabinet from Shabby to Chic

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